About Us

J2LABZ is a Canadian company. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of liquids for electronic cigarettes. We also offer custom production services for other stores. We try to constantly renew our products to meet the requirements and tastes of our customers. We offer liquid ranges of exceptional quality, rich and delectable flavors that guarantee the most enjoyable vaping expereince.

Our laboratory has been equipped to provide a sanitary environment for the production of our e-liquids. All work surfaces are stainless steel. We use vegetable glycerin USP pure at 99.7%, vegetable propylene glycol USP pure at 99.9%. Our nicotine is tested pure at 99.9%. We use only natural and artificial flavorings from companies that can provide MSDS datasheets.

We prepare our e-liquid concentrates and our e-liquids with mass measurements. So we do not use any other container than the final HDPE plastic gallon. This allows for a final product that is as pure and healthy as possible. We keep a lot traceability up to our end customers to ensure the quality of our products.